• “…its singer songwriter Alex Gregory who gathers the most plaudits here. By twinning folk-tinged heartbreak with a KT Tunstall-tuned vocal heft, she’s primed for altitudes way beyond the reach of a West London Restaurant”  Q Magazine (Matt Allen
  • “Hey Alex! A big well done for your performance last night! I was amazed…. Love & light on the journey! Mx” Martin Stephenson
  • “Singer-songwriter Gregory’s intimate pop vocals carry enough heft to have drawn comparisons to Adele’s soulful tones. Certainly, a raft of folksy, percussive guitar riffs and lost-love tales suggest a songwriting potential way beyond her years.”
  • “On meeting Alex Gregory, you’ll immediately feel at ease and amongst a sort of grace that seems to exist in the space she occupies. Elegant and articulate, and totally aware of her own musical direction, she is confidently carving a niche for herself in the south-west music scene.” – Melz Durston (Don’
  • “…Alex Gregory is a supreme talent with a voice that just won’t quit and the ability to surprise you at every turn…It is always enormously gratifying when you come across a genuinely talented musician in this game but it is particularly pleasing when that musician comes from your neck of the woods as well. I would urge you to check out Alex Gregory when you’ve got half an hour to properly let the music and words sink in – this is not fast food stuff, this is quality home cooking at its best.” Listen With Monger.Blogspot (Review  ‘One of the Same Kind’)
  • “Alex Gregory has a maturity about her song writing that, coupled with her sublime voice, should see her meeting with success and acclaim in 2015 so I’d get in on this now if I were you – then you can say you liked her all along when your friends are just hearing about her on national radio. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…” Listen With Monger.Blogspot (Review ‘Critical Perfection)
  • ” ….the darling perhaps of BBC Introducing in Devon, one of our absolute favorites and whenever we can get an excuse to play Alex Gregory, we will….”      “…every year her voice just gets better and better….. ” BBC Introducing in Devon (James Santer)
  • “The night went on with a young lady by the name of Alex Gregory…….. The performance of the set that grabbed my attention first was her cover of John Mayer’s “Free Falling”……..the way in which Gregory picked notes out the air was quite something. Indeed, for someone of her age her voice was surprisingly powerful in places and that admittedly caught me completely off guard. It was a lovely surprise though. Another highlight of the set was the last song. A revamped cover of Smooth Criminal by the late Michael Jackson, no less. Whilst I am a John Mayer fan, I am not an MJ fan. However, Gregory’s vocal prowess continued to impress me – when the tune concluded, it was met with a thunderous reception and rightly so.” Christopher Wood (The Write Club)
  • “Lovely gig at Bicton Fest today… highlight for me was definitely watching the wonderful Alex Gregory singing her lovely songs!” Jess McAllister
  • “This is Alex Gregory – singer/songwriter she used to be a student of mine…… Her voice is incredible….On our first lesson I asked her to share with me one of her own songs…. what came out blew me off my seat, her voice is seriously passionate and powerful. An immense talent.”  Chris Woods
  •  “… you are wonderfully talented & I hope we can one day share a stage together, huge thanks 🙂 ”  Cole Stacey
  •   “Heard this girl sing live last night and was blown away. Check her out!” Nick Tarbitt (Integrity Records)
  •  “….awesome songwriter with the voice of a slightly naughty angel….” Jamie R Hawkins (Winner UK Songwriting Contest )
  • “Alex Gregory…a moving set to a pin drop audience”  Tobias Ben Jacob (Acoustica Festival)


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